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STI Scaffolding “Erection & Dismantling” Training Course including Frame, Tube & Coupler & System Type Scaffolding (8 Hr.). 

29 CFR 1926.450 through 1926.454.

OSHA states in 1926.454 Appendix D that scaffold erectors and dismantlers should all receive the general overview, and, in addition, specific training for the type of supported scaffold being erected or dismantled and that employees erecting or dismantling scaffolds should be trained in the following topics: General Overview of Scaffolding: • Regulations and Standards • Erection/Dismantling Planning • PPE and Proper Procedures • Fall Protection • Materials Handling • Access • Working Platforms • Foundations • Guys, Ties and Braces. This class consists of practical hands-on erecting and dismantling of your existing scaffolding system and is recommended for anyone with limited hands-on experience. 

Course topics include: 

Practical Hands-on Erection and Dismantling of Frame and/or Tube & Coupler and/or System Type (1-2 levels) and/or LOBO Scaffolds. Certificate upon completion.Prerequisite:Scaffolding Competent Person Course. Specific Training for the Type of Scaffolding Includes: • Specific Regulations and Standards • Components • Parts Inspection • Erection/Dismantling Planning • Guys, Ties and Braces • Fall Protection • General Safety • Access and Platforms • Erection/Dismantling Procedures • Rolling Scaffold Assembly • Putlogs

Certificate upon completion.


Prerequisite: STI Scaffolding Competent Person/Inspector Course

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